All orders are supplied ex-factory – products are not available through retailers or from local distributors.

Product packaging:
Si-Rex03 - 5 Gallon (18.93 Liter) Pail or 1 Gallon (3.79 Liter) Can
Si-Prime - 50 Gallon (189.3 Liter) Drums or 5 Gallon (18.93 Liter) Pail
Cremsil - 52.84 Gallon (200 Liter) Drum or 5 Gallon (18.93 Liter) Pail

Si-Rex03 orders are custom tinted at factory. Some darker colors are priced higher due to quantity of colorants required.

Payment with order is required for product(s) plus shipping and handling costs.

For pricing information email info@klaascoatings-northamerica.com outlining your needs and scope of the project.


COLORSSi-Rex03 is available in range of 200 colors in neutral and earthy tones that suit concrete and masonry substrates.

Si-Rex03 uses only high quality, inorganic oxide pigments that do not degrade with outdoor exposure to UV light in our range of colors and color matches.

Si-Rex03 can be color matched to most other charts (bright organic colors excluded). To match other colors we require details of other reference chart or provide a sample of color swatch to be matched.

Technical Support 

Looking for Application Guidelines? Needing specification reference?
Email: info@klaascoatings-northamerica.com


Product samples can be provided at prices subject to quantity, size of sample(s) plus shipping and handling charges.


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The topcoat by design for Si-Prime penetrating primer, Si-Rex03 Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) is a dynamic protective coating for concrete and masonry substrates with active water repellency, industry-leading breathability and proven durability and performance.


Designed specifically for use with Si-Rex03, the use on bare substrates of penetrating primer Si-Prime adds to the performance, durability and substrate protection traits of the Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) coating system.

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Technical Support

Looking for Application Guidelines?
Needing specification reference?



All orders supplied ex-factory – products not available through retailers.

Some regional building product distributors may carry, or order in, product as needed.

Product packaging
(packed volume by weight):

Si-Rex03 - 5 Gallon Pail or 55 Gallon Drum
Si-Prime - 5 Gallon Pail

Si-Rex03 orders are custom batch tinted at factory. Batch tinting ensures exact same color pail-to-pail. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) apply; contact for details.