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Looks that Matter...
Durability that Counts
Durability that Counts...
Protection that Lasts
Protection that Lasts...
Looks that Matter
Looks that Matter...
Durability that Counts
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Enhance and protect concrete
and help extend service life of structures

Klaas Coatings is a market leader with its Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) protective coating system for concrete and masonry substrates.

Protecting Structures with a Proven Technology

Used widely in Commercial and Architectural applications across many markets, Si-Rex03 is a state-of-the-art evolution of Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) coating technology.

Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) was invented in Germany specifically for concrete and masonry substrates. And ranks among the most effective coatings for concrete new and old.

Si-Rex03 builds on the key performance attributes of SREP; active water repellency, functional breathability, resilience to UV exposure and the elements for a coating that delivers a superior and longer lasting solution.

The result. Si-Rex03 protects the substrate thereby adding to the structural integrity to help extend the service life of concrete infrastructure.

Delivering Lifelong Protection

The promise is simple; use a proven technology to create a durable, long-lasting coating with performance to match. Performance that provides optimal water repellency – yet high breathability for entrapped moisture to escape (outgas) for long term structural integrity.

Owners, specifiers, developers and property custodians can count on Si-Rex03 to provide a most cost-efficient solution for structural protection, long service life with minimal maintenance needs and colors that remain strong and true year in, year out.

Reduced maintenance needs and longer repainting intervals deliver a tangible lower “cost of life” coating approach.

Dynamic Product and Looks

Klaas Coatings brings a no-compromise approach to protective coatings for concrete.

Only premium raw materials are used in the production of Si-Rex03 under tight QC guidelines.

At the core, silicone resins that offer high permeability to water vapor and CO2, low water absorption, self-cleaning functionality, a Mineral Matte appearance for long service life.

For excellent depth of color, superior fade resistance and durability to weathering only inorganic pigments are used.

Si-Rex03 provides durable structural protection, long service life with minimal maintenance needs and colors that remain strong and true year in, year out.

Historic Structures

With its unique Mineral Matte finish, and ability to be tinted to match many old school and traditional colors, Si-Rex03 is the perfect coating system for the preservation of historical buildings, structures and sites.

Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) has been used on over a million structures just in Europe alone, a number being iconic historical structures with some dating back over hundreds of years.

The self-cleaning surface, along with use of biocides to minimize mold and mildew growth, assist in keep the look and feel of these masonry and stucco finish structures over time.

About Klaas Coatings

Klaas Coatings is committed to bringing products of high performance, functionality and durability to the commercial coatings market.

The philosophy is simple: quality without compromise, easy application, minimal maintenance.

The goal is for customers to realize a beautiful aesthetic finish from a wide color range with proven protection for the structures they own, build or manage.

Innovative formulations, advanced raw material technology and manufacturing quality control is the cornerstone to products created.

And an environment responsibility: products are water-based with low level VOCs and an efficient production process to minimize waste.

From production facilities in Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas) and Sydney (Australia), Klaas Coatings product is sold into a number of global markets including Australasia, South-East and East Asia, the Caribbean and, of course, North America.


The topcoat by design for Si-Prime penetrating primer, Si-Rex03 Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) is a dynamic protective coating for concrete and masonry substrates with active water repellency, industry-leading breathability and proven durability and performance.


Designed specifically for use with Si-Rex03, the use of penetrating primer Si-Prime on bare substrates adds to the performance, durability and substrate protection traits of the Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint (SREP) coating system.

For use on cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, stucco, blockwork (CMU), brickwork, stone and other substrates.

Klaas Coatings (North America) LLC
PO Box 25122
Dallas, TX 75225-1122

T: 866-317-3633 (toll free)
F: 214-363-8422


Markets We Supply

Transportation Infrastructure
Parking Structures
Office Buildings
Commercial and Retail
Warehousing and Distribution
Precast Concrete Fabricators
Historic Structures
Sport Complexes
Condominiums and Multi-Family
Tourism Infrastructure
Schools and Colleges

Technical Support

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All orders supplied ex-factory – products not available through retailers.

Some regional building product distributors may carry, or order in, product as needed.

Product packaging
(packed volume by weight):

Si-Rex03 - 5 Gallon Pail or 55 Gallon Drum
Si-Prime - 5 Gallon Pail

Si-Rex03 orders are custom batch tinted at factory. Batch tinting ensures exact same color pail-to-pail. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) apply; contact for details.