Inorganic Pigments for Dynamic and Lasting Colors

The unique Mineral Matte finish of Si-Rex03 is enhanced by colors realized from use of only high grade, inorganic oxide pigments for optimal fade resistance from exposure to UV light and weathering. The result: an excellent depth and strength of color.

All colorants are VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and APE (Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate) free making them compliant with latest requirements and anticipated regulations.

Klaas Coatings provides a number of options to facilitate color selection from a wide color range as may be specified. Note, some brighter/deeper colors (reds, oranges, purples) are unattainable due to need for organic pigments in those color spaces.

Options to realize your color needs. 

Klaas ASF ColorGuide

The Klaas ASF ColorGuide features a selection of 200 colors including a wide color range of neutral and earthy tones that complement concrete and masonry substrates with an added architectural look.

To view the 200 Klaas ASF colors CLICK on the fan deck above.

Federal Standard 595

Federal Standard 595 has been the color system reference for many federal, state, county and city authorities plus agencies and others for decades.

The current standard, SAE International's AMS-STD-595A, replaces FED-STD-595C (last version of Federal Standard 595).

Si-Rex03 can be color matched to many of the 654 paint chip color shades in the AMS-STD-595A fan deck.

Color Matching

Color Match (3)

Si-Rex03 can be color matched to specific colors in a number of ways including other paint companies’ color chips or charts or a physical drawdown of an actual paint color.

Note, due to the color space available from the inorganic pigmented colorants used by Klaas in making up colors in Si-Rex03, an accurate color match is usually realized while in some cases a commercially acceptable match will be achieved.

AMS-STD-595A Colors

(replaces FED-STD-595C)

  • The colors in the 595 set have no official names, just five-digit numbers.
  • The first number will be either "1", "2" or "3" and that number indicates the level of sheen:
    1 = gloss, 2 = semi-gloss, 3 = matte
  • Si-Rex03 can be tinted to many of color chips featured in AMS-STD-595A fan deck particularly those with prefix “2” (semi-gloss finish) or “3” (matte/flat finish).
  • Any names given for a color are generic only; the 5-digit number is that for specification.
  • Since being developed by the United States government in 1956, Federal Standard 595 is a color index system suitable for color identification, color selection, color matching and quality control inspection.
  • Consists of a set of color shades where a unique reference number is assigned to each color.
  • SAE International's AMS-STD-595A replaced FED-STD-595C February 14, 2017; colors remain essentially the same as Federal Standard 595C.
  • AMS-STD-595 is a trademark of SAE International.